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SharePoint is a collaborative software. Upload documents, elements and files and manage it online : versions management, security, library and website creation, … Provide your coworkers with collaborative tools  such as project calendars planning, forums, wiki lists and work flows.

Integrated with software part of the office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc), it is a highly customizable solution in order to create a collaborative place that truly suits your company. SharePoint is available on all devices, whenever you want, wherever you want.

SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013

Last SharePoint versions have been thought to match the new mission announced by Satya Nadella, PDG of Microsoft : “Cloud first, mobile first”. How to make sure you chose the version that best suits your needs ?

SharePoint Server is an on premise solution that allows a wider panel of customization than its online counterpart. It feels safer as well for organizations with high security criteria. It is however recommended having an IT team to manage it. This option suits best the needs of companies with a large number of coworkers or wishing for a highly customized product.

SharePoint Online can be afforded with monthly licenses. Whether you access it with Office 365 or on its own, Microsoft is hosting your servers and is guaranteeing the security of your data (your data are more likely to be safer on their server than on yours). Chosing this option allows you to access team websites, collaborative framework, … wherever you are. This option best suits the needs of SMBs who can’t afford an IT team and are willing to let Microsoft take care of their data security.

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Feedback – Würth (French)

World leader of fixation material for the industry and craft sector, Titanium has been chosen by Würth to undertake the realisation of their corporate intranet, that is more than 4000 users.

Groupe Würth