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Support your sales force

SFA, standing for Sales Force Automationis a solution made to be integrated into Dynamics CRM in order to improve your sales and marketing processes. Not only it allows your sales team to qualify more leads better, but it also helps sell faster.

SFA qualifies the opportunities for you : use Social CRM, Google Search and Google Maps to know who you are talking to. It is then easier to get in touch by adapting your speech. Marketing campaigns are targeted more efficiently, and deals are, on average, closed faster.

SFA reduces the sales cycle. Be able to generate quotations and orders almost instantly thanks to the configurator. Chose the selected products, adapt freely each lines of your document, apply the right taxes and discounts and the document is ready to use. Get also access to a portfolio of your products, link together the one more likely to be cross-sold and sort it out in order to find it easily.

With the dashboards provided by the application, you have an overview of your activity, your teams, your customers and your leads. It grants your sales force homogeneous tools, supported by innovating processes and software so you are able to quantify your results and have a more professional approach of your customers.

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