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Excel’s future

You are using Excel to process your data and set up analyses. You need a tool that helps you foreseeing your needs : sales forecast, inventory management, campaign reporting, … Althought powerful, Excel is getting difficult to use as soon as you need add-ons to handle the mass of information you have.

PowerBI is the solution.

Powerful and easy to use, this cloud solution allows you to gather data from a large panel of sources (Google Analytics, Dynamics CRM, SalesForce…). Within minutes, transform, analyze and return your data in an interactive and visual report that gives you full knowledge of your business environment.

This solution’s main asset is its simplicity since it requires a short formation (or no formation at all) to use it at its full potential. Even better, it is totally free. The premium version is there if you need to share your dashboards to your coworkers, which is the only point not included in the free version.

PowerBI is made out of three tiles : Power Query, the data integrator; Power Pivot, to set the data template and PowerView/PowerMap to return the data the way you want. That’s all. Once configured, asking for complex reports is as easy as a click.

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New sources are added on a monthly basis.

More possibilities to exploit even more data.