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Data & BI

90% of the data gathered by man has been generated the last two years. The world of data is skyrocketing and will be a factor of success for companies who know how to handle it. That’s where business intelligence and analysis tools come in handy, structuring data to return it in a workable model.

Companies who know how to use these tools are therefore able to retrieve market critical information and get an advantage on their competitors.

Simple solutions

The world of data has long been considered to be mostly for big companies because of the requirements it involves : big data volume, enough financial resources to use expensive BI softwares and BI professionals to run it.

Nowadays, there are plenty of new tools ready to use without any technical skills, allowing you to have an overview of your company and your environment easily. These solutions are made to be easy and deliver graphical reports.

BI planning is different from a company to another, depending on workforce, on the framework, if your company can afford an IT team … This is why our BI experts are available to advise you and help you in order to make your BI projects successful.

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