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Decision making

Your problems

Excel is a wonderful tool, but everyone is using it their own way and when it comes to collect and process data, it appears complex to use such an erratic mass of information.

You don’t have any analytic tool to make your data intelligible, and you need to retrieve it wherever it has been stocked, more likely in several components of your system.

Critical information is difficult to obtain through the mass of data you own. It slows your decision making down and you may even consider not looking for it granted the time you have to spend on it.

Your data are not structured, scattered and it is hard to process without asking the IT department.


Decision making in an organization requires crossing several sources of information related to all departments : production, HR, finance, sales, marketing, R&D, etc …

In a business context where reactivity is a huge asset, the decision maker has no time to waste in asking for a report, he has to be able to process the data he needs on his own. The main issue of decision-making tools is to give access to this information in a way that it’s easy to cross it massively.

Our answers

Nowadays, you have access to very light solutions non-technical user oriented, with a simplified UI. With Titanium, you can obtain Microsoft PowerBI. A powerful application, easy to set and use, that give you an overview of your business.

Titanium also has a consulting offer, with BI experts at your disposal to turn all of your decision-making projects into success.

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