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Purposes of a CRM solution

Customer relationship management is the set of tools used to gather, process and analyze information related to customers, leads, or partners in order to retain them more efficiently. People tends to talk about XRM nowadays because it encompasses all flows and activities of a company and its environment : coworkers, suppliers, applicants… The CRM market is booming with an expected growth of more than 15%

Your project

Are you considering a CRM project ? we can help you gathering informations about your company and its digital maturity. Just answer our diagnosis, it’s free :

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Our services

Titanium CRM teams are technical and functional consultants that are able to manage consulting, setting, training and audit missions. Projects use to result from a will to gather business data from different entities/departments.

Having carried out more than 120 projects since 2005, Titanium is labeled as an expert in managing CRM projects.

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