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Your problems

You wish you could outsource low-value tasks to focus on your core business ?

Are you in need of a temporary task force in order to upgrade or fix your system without being charged the full price ?

Are you fed up with contacting the editor’s support each time there is a problem, and would like a partner with faster reactions to fix your bugs ?

Are you facing budget reductions forcing you to rationalize support and maintenance costs ?


Set up an assistance service is bound by 3 main issues for your organization :

  • The quality of service and the ability to keep it up all project long. We are committed to being fully transparent regarding the service we provide
  • A quick set up, and the guarantee to react fast when incidents happen.
  • Several billing modalities to suit your organization needs.

Our answers

For each assistance service, you have a unique Titanium referent, able to answer your questions both technical and functional.

Titanium also provides a hotline where experts answer quickly your request (9h-12h/14h-18h). You can check your credit left through our extranet and monitor bugs resolution in real-time.

Titanium can also provide you with skillful consultants if you want more development, whether it is from our office or at yours. We are able to deliver accelerated formations for your coworkers to fully master your new solution as soon as it is up.

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